Episode 15: Freedom

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 15 entitled “Freedom”

Why are so many of us more concerned with protecting our freedom to choose whatever we want than we are with making the choices that bring us freedom?

I mean have you ever been in a moment where you felt like you were being held captive by your own life?

Maybe it’s that job you suddenly feel stuck in… Or that pile of bills you’re tired of not being able to pay… Or that relationship that you just want to escape… Or, who knows, maybe it’s a moment where you wake up and realize you’re alone…

I think we’ve all had our moments like this. The narrative might be a little different but the moment… it always feels the same. It feels like we are a prisoner in a cage of our own making.

We are some of the freest people that the world has ever known and yet, if you look around you’d see we are also some of the most captive. We’re held by things like Addiction, Insecurity, Fear, Doubt, Brokenness, Loneliness…

You see freedom isn’t the ability to do whatever you want… It’s the ability to choose the things that make you more of the person you want to be… Because if we lose sight of who we are…it’s the choices we will make in our freedom that will keep us from being free.

Now if our choices are what shape our freedom then that means that our heart is what shapes our future. Because out of the condition of your heart flow the issues of your life. You see, I don’t need to know anything else about you and I can tell your future… because the shape of your character is the shape of your future.

The freedom that your soul longs for can only be found when you begin to make the choices that set your heart free.

So whatever battle you are fighting, I want you to know It begins with one decision:

“I choose to choose the things that give me freedom”

So I ask you: What can you do today that will make you stronger and more proud of yourself than you were yesterday?