Episode 10: Feeling

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 10 entitled “Feeling.”

Your feelings are limited by how they feel..On their own they will never take you further than the convenient. If you are using your “feelings” as your compass you’ll never discover anything beyond average”.

I know that at the end of the day we all feel like we have an excuse as to why we didn’t do that thing we knew we should have… Be in the gym, the project, the studying, the training, or maybe even that moment you didn’t say that thing you knew you should have… You see the reality is this, the future doesn’t respect your excuses but it does reflect them. You either value your dreams, or you value comfort. Period.

You see, you are more inclined to get a feeling from an action, than you are an action from a feeling… You’ve got to stop waiting to feel like it and just go get it!

Feelings are meant to be indicators on the dashboard not hands on the steering wheel.

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You can not have greatness or the extraordinary without friction, hurdles, and struggle. You also can’t have them without discipline, focus, and a why that’s big enough to move you forward even when you don’t feel like it. If your feelings are directing your life then your future is being written by your circumstances, environment, and well… your “feelings”. And just so I am super clear on this, living this way is a 100% sure fire guaranteed way to end up lame, mediocre, and invisible.

I challenge you, in every moment of every day, learn how to embrace the pain and discomfort that stands between you and what you want… lean into it, feel it, and then step beyond it… that is how you become… that is how you grow… that is how you win.

If you feel uncertain, afraid, insecure, burnt out, washed up, not good enough, or fill in the blank… Then feel it, be present, sit in it, let that feeling flood your lungs… and then breathe it out and just do it anyway.

Because no one’s going to give you permission to be more than you are right now… you just have to go get it.

Become a walking contradiction that lives in defiance of the limited life your feelings suggest you settle for!

Because feelings aren’t the truth they are just feelings. Sometimes… you need to tell your feelings the truth and put them in their place. And the best way to tell the truth is to do it with your actions. SIlence the limiting beliefs and feelings with movement.

Oh and by the way… change is inevitable… but transformation is a choice. So If you find yourself saying “I just don’t feel like it,” and let that lackadaisical feeling keep you stagnant, stuck, and the same… then you are choosing to be average and I can’t help you. That is just proof that you haven’t created a why that’s big yet. (Just calling it like it is)

I know it’s hard and I don’t mean to come at you with guns blazing but it’s just that important. You have all the power and how you decide to live is what defines your life. It’s all up to you.

Obstacles aren’t meant to hinder opportunity they are meant to be overcome.

So what would happen if you decided to transform? I wonder what kind of life you’d unlock if you simply made it your daily habit to do the hard things and the scary things and stopped letting your feelings tell you what to do…

I wonder…