Episode 9: Motivation

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 9 entitled “Motivation.”

Reading this won’t make you a better entrepreneur.

Too many people are addicted to the medication of motivation. My goal for everyone who hears my voice isn’t to follow me – it’s that they would chase their dream! I want people to spend less time watching my stuff and more time going out and making something of their own.

Getting motivated and learning all the secrets, tips, and tricks of success is great, but nothing is more motivating than your own momentum, which you can only get through your own motion. So get moving!

I think we tend to believe we don’t know enough, have enough, or simply are enough, so we try to learn how other people became successful. The problem is that greatness isn’t a formula you can synthesize and replicate. Greatness is the result of having the courage to go all in on who you are; to go all in on you. Because the one thing you can’t dissect when studying the actions of successful people is the heart that inspired their actions to begin with.

No one has ever achieved greatness through imitation. They found it through action. Are you procrastinating that thing you know you’re supposed to do because you just don’t think you’re ready yet?

It’s time to paint yourself in a corner where you have no other option but to show up and deliver. Do this and watch what happens. You are more capable than you might think.

Don’t get me wrong – you NEED to take care of yourself and it’s vital to stay inspired. But you shouldn’t wait until you feel good to go for it.

The reality is, you attract more of who you are. Everything you have is a reaction to what you believe you are worth. So if you believe you are worth success, then your hustle should match that belief. If not, maybe you are watching everyone else and calling it preparation but really it’s just procrastination.

I love that the top successes in this world have failed more than they’ve won. Beyonce was told she can’t sing, Elon Musk almost blew up his entire company, and Michael Jordan was turned down and told he wasn’t good enough. But their belief in themselves was greater than the unbelief of the world.

Other people can only see what is. They don’t know who you are and what you will be. Only you can know that. So stop letting other people tell you what you can and can’t do.

All great people have one thing in common. At some point the all looked in the mirror and decided to go all in and believe in who THEY were.

When you get to this point and you decide you are extraordinary and understand that everyone else just hasn’t figured it out yet, that is the moment failure, loss, pain, and discouragement no longer have a defining voice in your life.

You have to believe. Doubt is the thing that keeps you looking at them instead of being YOU. I think we underestimate the power of straight-up belief these days. You can know everything in the world but unless you know who YOU are, It won’t get you anywhere. Self-awareness is the game, period.

When someone believes in you, you win for a moment. But when you believe in you, you have the opportunity to change your life forever.