Episode 8: Hustle beats Harvard

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 8 entitled “Hustle beats Harvard.”

Have you ever had a dream you didn’t quite feel qualified to chase?

Maybe you saw someone who seemed to have it all together and you felt like big dreams are meant for people like them instead of you.

Comparison is the cancer of creativity; it smothers a heart full of audacious dreams. Comparison causes you to be blinded by the light of others and lose sight of your own. It tells you that you don’t have what it takes, you aren’t smart enough, brave enough or strong enough.

The next time that happens, just remember this: If you have a dream, then that dream chose you and you are qualified to chase it!

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what qualifications you have. If you want something in today’s economy there are more than enough tools and resources available for you to get it.

Because when you are willing to do what you are unqualified to do it qualifies you. All you need is the audacity to believe and the craziness to do something about it.

You don’t have to be qualified to be capable!

This world is full of seemingly ordinary people who’ve accomplished the impossible. So don’t let where you’ve been or what you’ve done in the past limit your dreams for where you could go in the future.

Hustle beats Harvard.

Nothing can limit you unless you give it permission to. Your heart is tenacious and if you give it a chance, it can conquer a whole lot more than you might think. Trust me on this.

So decide what matters to you, and then hustle wholeheartedly to bring it to life.