Episode 6: Advice

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 6 entitled “Advice.”

“Your time is limited so don’t be trapped by living someone else’s life. Don’t be caught up in dogma. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own. Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you need to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs.

Perceive. Believe. Behave. Become.

We accept reality as it’s presented to us but the truth is life isn’t always what we believe it to be. Life is a constantly evolving story and we all have a unique verse to contribute. Life, then, is a reflection of what we create it to be.

Your beliefs are your operating system for living. So what happens when there is a belief that is programmed into this operating system that isn’t beneficial? What happens when a belief becomes a virus?

I call these beliefs “limiting beliefs” and we all have them. Limiting beliefs are ideas that limit our purpose, progress, or potential. We often accept these beliefs without even questioning them; they have been hardwired into our operating system based on the culture, religion, family or environments we have been exposed to. Stepping away from these beliefs can sometimes feel strange, awkward or like we are betraying ourselves or others. However, to step into your most extraordinary life, self, and potential you have to know which rules to accept and which to throw away.

Discovery, achievement, invention, innovation, and even happiness are all breakthroughs that are always found just beyond the threshold of the assumed.

The unfortunate reality is that many of us live our lives holding limiting beliefs about ourselves, others, or the world that trap us and prevent us from living an extraordinary life. When we accept these beliefs without consciously choosing them for ourselves, they become a cage.

Now don’t get me wrong – some of these beliefs were birthed out of wisdom and past experience that can be beneficial to us and empower us to live more effective lives. But just as many are disempowering and cause us to follow a path in life that won’t lead to ultimate fulfilment or satisfaction. Just because our culture, religion, family or environment claims a belief is true doesn’t make it true. The people you see living an extraordinary life have determined which rules to follow and which rules to reject.

How you see the world determines what you believe about the world, what you believe about the world determines how you behave within the world, and how you behave determines who you become in this world.

So you had better figure out why you believe what you believe. Because those beliefs are what are shaping your future.

If you aren’t questioning why you are doing what you are doing then you are in danger falling in the realm of the “should do.” You know the “should do” beliefs: they are the ones that put your dreams on layaway and promise that you can always come back to your dreams “someday.”

These are the beliefs that tell you that you must go to college because it’s what you “should do;” that you should buy the house because it’s what you “should do;” that you should take the job because it’s what you “should do.” These “should do” beliefs and countless others always stem from an expectation put on you by someone else rather than from a conscious choice you have made for yourself.

If you continue settling for the “should do” beliefs, eventually those dreams you put away for “someday” come back to haunt you because dreams were never meant to be slept through. They were meant to be lived.

So, engage in some honest reflection on the things you believe. If you have beliefs that limit your potential, progress, or passion, it’s time to question those beliefs and break some rules.

Remember that all extraordinary living and discovery happens when you question and see beyond the cage and build the world you see, believe, desire, and hope for, WITH OR WITHOUT THE WORLD’S PERMISSION.

Dreams are naturally outside the lines and kind of misfits by nature. That’s because they reflect our true nature: to question what is and create what could be. We are built to be weirdos who make new paths through life… so stop walking the same path as everyone else!