Episode 5: Nomad

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 5 entitled “Nomad.”

Life is supposed to be a dangerous adventure, not a predictable existence!

Living the life that others expect you to live is the fastest way to kill your dreams. Instead, you should desperately pursue the life your dreams are nudging you towards.

Take a look at your life. Are you proud of what you see? Is where you are standing exciting and meaningful? If what you see doesn’t match what you imagine, REBEL!

You will never be younger than you are today. There will never be another moment that is more guaranteed than the one you are in right now. It is time to stop waiting for “someday” to do the things your heart knows you should do today.

You see, we were not designed to be average. Quite the opposite, in fact: We were designed for greatness. Why else would we dream of the miraculous instead of the mundane?

Our dreams are previews on the screens of our imaginations of the lives we were created to live. We dream of the miraculous because we are meant to resist the common and build the extraordinary. Isn’t it amazing that we can imagine a world we’ve never seen with our eyes and then realize it with our lives? Our imagination is the canvas is where the future is formed!

Your soul craves the impossible because you are intrinsically designed to make the impossible possible. No pressure.

But here’s the deal: You will never have the life of your dreams if you’re too afraid to chase the things you imagine.

We all have a choice: Conform to the life others expect you to have, or become a Nomad and chase the life you were created to live! A Nomad has the courage to chase their dreams. They are limited only by their capacity to imagine, their audacity to believe, and their willingness to act. Some would call a Nomad lost, but they aren’t lost; they are just searching for something more. They aren’t afraid to wander from the path of the calculated, controlled, and conformed to live in pursuit of the life they imagine.

We all dream of a life of greatness but that’s tragically where the pursuit often ends. Very rarely do dreams of greatness move beyond our minds to influence our lives.

But the greatest tragedy of all isn’t that we fail… it’s that we get to the end of our life and are left wondering why we never tried.

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