Episode 4: Distraction

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 4 entitled “Distraction.”

Have you ever waited for tomorrow to do the things you know you should have done today?

Have you ever had something that was burning inside of you that you knew you needed to do? Something that was important; that you knew was critical and essential in your life?

But somehow, even though you knew it was important, you kept putting it on the back burner? Not because you meant to put it off, but because something else came up that was just more urgent. And before you realize it, you find yourself moving from one urgent thing to the next and the truly important thing is being pushed further and further down your agenda.

“The urgent” steals time from what actually matters and suffocates opportunities by fragmenting your time, energy and resources. It’s one of the top killers of greatness!

When you look back on your life, you will not be grateful you made time for all the urgent. Instead, you will regret that you didn’t create time for the essential.

“The price of living a life dictated by ‘the urgent’ is regret.”

The things that are most important rarely bring their own urgency with them. You have to bring your urgency to them. Because your “yes” determines what gets your time and your time is the only thing you never get more of.

Some food for thought: Greatness is within you, but it doesn’t do YOU or the WORLD any good for it to stay there! You – and only you – can unleash the greatness that courses through your veins.

Focus on what matters and make that THE work of your life.

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