Episode 3: Choice

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 3 entitled “Choice.”

There is an irrevocable power that you possess to create the future… It’s called Choice.

You can either choose to create your future or let life decide it for you… either way you’re the one who either chooses to make it happen or chooses to just let it happen.

If you want a future that matches your dreams you have to align your choices with the life you wish for… You need a compass. Creating a personal mission is a powerful place to start.

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You see, you’re worth more than filling space, staying busy, and paying your dues. So rise above the fray and take your life back from the tyranny of obligation, busy, and have to. Distractions always come with an excuse that makes them seem like they couldn’t be helped… but the future doesn’t care about excuses the future is simply an echo the tiny choices you make along the way… It’s up to you to make sure those choices are guarded from the busy and aimed at the essential.