Episode 1: Fear

In this week’s blog, we will be diving into the Nomad Minute episode 1 entitled “Fear.” The episode will be analyzed and broken down in more detail, and two action plans will be offered to help you overcome your fear, as well as uncover the root causes of your fear. Let’s dive in.

While failure can result in us giving up on our dreams after trying, fear prevents us from ever trying in the first place. Ultimately, fear paralyzes us and keeps us from moving forward. So much of our culture is built around avoiding failure. But rather than avoiding failure, we should be focused on overcoming fear.

There are, of course, numerous types of fear. Two common types include fear as the instinctual response to danger and fear as a mentality of limitation. The former keeps us physically alive, but the later prevents us from actually living. What good is a beating heart if our soul is dead? This second type of fear is the fear that will be discussed here.

In this life, we will all stand toe-to-toe with fear. Consequently, we should not make it our goal to not be afraid, because that is not realistically possible. Instead, our goal should be to live in such a way that fear is not our master. It is possible to feel fear yet not be negatively impacted by it. In fact, if we can reframe our thinking and look at fear as a motivator instead of something negative, we can unlock new opportunities for growth.

When you do something even though it scares you, that is a courageous thing. However, once you overcome the fear you aren’t left with courage, you are left with freedom. That freedom gives you a whole new capacity to create the remarkable, pursue the audacious, and build the extraordinary. Overcoming fear actually changes you because it gives you the confidence to believe in the power of who you really are and frees you to realize your full potential.

When you remove the power of fear in your life, all you are left with an increased capacity to create, limited only by your imagination.

The reality is, we would rarely experience debilitating fear if we were in constant pursuit of something that we valued more than being afraid. The fact that fear is such a pervasive force in our culture means very few of us are actually pursuing something with great conviction and belief. As a result, the voice of our fear often screams louder in our minds than the voice of our vision.

Most of us live with the fear of loosing face; of being seen as inadequate; of being viewed as a failure. These fears may be uncomfortable to face in the short term, but the results of not facing these fears will likely be even more devastating in the long term.

Below is a simple five-step action plan that can help you look objectively at the thing you are afraid of and determine whether fear has temporarily blinded you to the value that thing holds to you, or whether it simply isn’t something that is worth your time and energy. Use the form below to have the action guide sent to your email.

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Fear is uncomfortable and we, as pleasure-seeking creatures, don’t like to feel uncomfortable. When we let fear fester in our lives day in and day out, it gets tiring. Rather than properly deal with the fear, we instead take the easy route and stop doing things that make us afraid. This means we let fear dictate the boundaries of our potential, thereby unconsciously choosing to avoid the pain necessary to become great. The devastating result of the human spirit being locked in the cage of mediocrity is it begins to die.

What if you embraced the pain, let that fear fuel you, and discovered just what is lying just beyond that fence of the limitation you identify as fear?

No one ever has achieved anything significant by heeding to fear and choosing to operate within their comfort zone.

Fear doesn’t have to be a limitation; it can be a gateway to experiencing a new level of living. All you have to do is change how you look at fear. You must stop seeing fear as a limitation, and start seeing it as an opportunity.

This begins by realizing fear is a master manipulator similar to the Wizard of Oz. Fear knows how to appear as a big, scary, overwhelming force, but when you really break it down, it’s just a little man behind a curtain pulling levers. Fear is often nothing more than a lie that we believe about ourselves; a lie that causes us to think what is within us is less than what’s standing before us. When we feel small and fear looks intimidating, it’s natural to want to retreat.

Ultimately, the power to stand up in the face of fear comes down to our beliefs. When we believe who we are is less than what we are facing, we make a choice to be afraid. But if you can reverse these disempowering beliefs, identify your fear, uncover the lie that is pulling the levers, and replace it with the truth, fear will lose grip over you. This can enable you to step beyond the lie of fear and enter a reality where what is within you is far greater than what’s in front of you.

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